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Bollywood Celebrities profile

Bollywood Celebrity Profile beautiful woman

Indian film industry known as Bollywood is considered one of the world's entertainment industry. As with the films they starred in Hollywood Artist as well as celebrities from Bollywood. You can see both their business thriving industry. Every summer the industry is trying to release the maximum amount of movies for a worldwide audience. There are millions of fans of Bollywood movies and music as well. There are many who do not follow the Bollywood film as much as they follow the Bollywood music.

Katrina Kaif
If we look at the popularity charts Kat, she is the most successful celebrity Bolywood fastest. The way he creates himself with sweet British accent among the stars shining Bollywood surprising. lso has tremendous acting skills

Katrina Kaif 

Born Katrina Kaif Turquotte
July 16, 1983 (age 31)
  Hong Kong
British citizenship
Occupation Actress, Model
Years active 2003 - present
Height 174 cm
Pair Ranbir Kapoor (girlfriend)
Parents Mohammed Kaif
Suzanne Turquotte
Katrina Kaif (Hindi: कत्रिना कैफ़) (born in Hong Kong, July 16, 1984, age 30 years) is a model, actress, Bollywood. Katrina was born in Hong Kong of a pair Mohammed Kaif bloody Kashmir and Suzanne Turquotte bloody English. His mother, a volunteer attorney and is a graduate of Harvard University. In 2009 Katrina received the title as the sexiest woman by FHM India magazine poll. 

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